Introducing Meal Deliveries

Ok, it looks  like there won’t be a quick solution to this Covid world we are living and, for our industry, the increasing trading restrictions make our future planning a bit worrying.

But with adversity there often comes opportunity.

We were recently approached by Murray Gardens Estate to put together a menu delivery plan to assist residents unable to access the regular services or able to shop due to covid restrictions.

They needed a flexible daily meal delivery service that was both healthy and cost effective.  After a fortnight of successful trials, we are pleased to now offer our meal service to the wider community.

Our first menu draws on many of our regular menu options including salads, lasagne, frittata and soups as well as many of our home style recipes and old fashioned roast dinners.

We have facilities to provide for most specific dietary needs, and we encourage you to contact us directly if you require gluten free, low fodmap, vegan or dairy free options not included on the menu.

All items are prepared fresh daily. Our meals are well portioned and home made from fresh ingredients with locally sourced meat, fish and vegetable as indicated.

The service will commence on Monday March 30th, with more weekly menus introduced over the coming weeks. Orders need to reach us via email or phone by 11am daily for same day delivery.

No technology needed, simply call us to place your order and it will be delivered between 4 and 6pm Mon-Friday.

On Friday we will deliver your meals for Saturday and Sunday as well.

All you need to do is microwave and enjoy.

Contact us today to arrange meals for yourself, Mum, Nanna or Pa or simply be added to our mailing list for future needs.

Gift vouchers can also be arranged.

Your new weekly menu will be made available every Friday

We are truly excited about this whole new additional service for our business.

Allowing us to keep our doors open and give back to our community as well.