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Introducing Meal Deliveries

Ok, it looks  like there won’t be a quick solution to this Covid world we are living and, for our industry, the increasing trading restrictions make our future planning a bit worrying.

But with adversity there often comes opportunity.

We were recently approached by Murray Gardens Estate to put together a menu delivery plan to assist residents unable to access the regular services or able to shop due to covid restrictions.

They needed a flexible daily meal delivery service that was both healthy and cost effective.  After a fortnight of successful trials, we are pleased to now offer our meal service to the wider community.

Our first menu draws on many of our regular menu options including salads, lasagne, frittata and soups as well as many of our home style recipes and old fashioned roast dinners.

We have facilities to provide for most specific dietary needs, and we encourage you to contact us directly if you require gluten free, low fodmap, vegan or dairy free options not included on the menu.

All items are prepared fresh daily. Our meals are well portioned and home made from fresh ingredients with locally sourced meat, fish and vegetable as indicated.

The service will commence on Monday March 30th, with more weekly menus introduced over the coming weeks. Orders need to reach us via email or phone by 11am daily for same day delivery.

No technology needed, simply call us to place your order and it will be delivered between 4 and 6pm Mon-Friday.

On Friday we will deliver your meals for Saturday and Sunday as well.

All you need to do is microwave and enjoy.

Contact us today to arrange meals for yourself, Mum, Nanna or Pa or simply be added to our mailing list for future needs.

Gift vouchers can also be arranged.

Your new weekly menu will be made available every Friday

We are truly excited about this whole new additional service for our business.

Allowing us to keep our doors open and give back to our community as well.

‘East-Enders’ Momentum Growing

Are you are a business owner located on the Eastern side of the CBD? Would like to be involved in collective marketing to promote your area / business?

The first 'East Enders' meeting was held on the 20 August at Get Tossed. Business owners from Yuu Sushi, Two Fingers Gentleman's Barbershop & Bar, Lighting Bonanza, The Tranquil Room and Get Tossed Salad Bar joined forces to discuss collective marketing ideas. There were many exciting and innovative ideas thrown around. Watch this space!

To find out more contact Megan at Albury Northside Chamber or pop in to one of these awesome businesses to find out more.

Contact Us
Megan Cullen
(02) 6023 0100

Originally published by Albury CBD here

Born from Granite – Raised in Beechworth

The beautiful old Billson's Brewery in Beechworth is being re-born thanks to the vision and energy of an amazing young couple: Nathan and Felicity purchased the site last year and have set about restoring everything this grand old brewery was.

Nathan’s vision is simple:

This is a story about a comeback. A return to quality.
About the revival of craftsmanship & a commitment to local.
About the truth that sometimes we don’t need to reinvent when we can simply restore

To say the undertaking is grand - would be an understatement. My husband and I were fortunate enough to be taken on a tour of the site last Sunday by Nathan, and were completely blown away. Much of the undertaking is stripping away the renovations of the 1950’s and 60’s to showcase the amazing craftsmanship of a by-gone era. 

The first new product from the Brewery is a release of sparkling and still water that is literally pumped from the spring to the can. The artisanal spring has fed the brewery since it started, the water is as pure as you will find, and I guarantee you will taste the difference.

Get Tossed was so excited we decided we had to stock this water immediately, and cannot wait for the development of their herbal beers - using many of the original recipes developed since 1865.

Follow the journey of Nathan & Felicity on Billson’s Face Book page:

Come in to Get Tossed & try their amazing Spring Water.

GT loves Butts… Gourmet Smokehouse

We are really excited here at Get Tossed to announce our new partnership with another iconic Albury business. 
Butt's Gourmet Smokehouse

From today we will be serving a variety of gourmet meats and fish from Butts all natural, preservative free range of smoked goods.
A perfect match for all our salads, soups or spuds.

You can toss Butts beautiful smoked leg ham, trout or Smoked Turkey into your salad, toasted Turkish bread or wraps

We have Pastrami and salad rolls ready to go, or our new 'Turkey Turkish’ - a great combo of hand cut smoked turkey, camembert cheese, lettuce & avocado spread with a spicy native Davidson Plum jam providing a unique wow factor.

Butts Gourmet Smokehouse have been providing their traditional smoked goods in Albury since the Early 1930’s, and today they still use the natural wood smoking techniques that produce that unique flavour.

Get Tossed are committed to reducing our food mile footprint and continue to source top quality local produce to add to our menu.
Stay tuned for more yummy GT’n’Butts smoky options.

We’re Now Proud Members of Albury Northside Chamber of Commerce

Hello there, I'm Chery, and I'm from Get Tossed. 

We're Albury's orginal salad bar and we're located up athte East end of Dean Street. 

What we do here is we make fresh healthy alternative lunches for your busy work day. We love corporate catering and I love cooking. 

Please come and visit us or go and like us on Facebook where you'll find out every day what soup we have on, what beautiful roasted baked potatoes we have on and what salad's we've got on special. 

Looking forward to seeing you.